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If a server is the heart of your IT system, the network is the central nervous system! A well designed and installed network is essential for the smooth running of your system.

Does your business have multiple sites spread across different areas? We have the skills needed to put together an integrated multi-site network solution that puts you in control.

Our engineers have many years of experience in network design and installation, meaning a quick, quality install is just a phone call away.

Being the nervous system of your network this needs to have the ability to grow and change with your ever evolving company’s needs. Structured cabling is the industry standard on providing communication of any kind to every desk, workbench or display equipment. Being used from everything from computers to phones, printers CCTV and even access points you will be surprised what you can use this for.

As mobile devices and tablets have become more popular the need for a well designed and managed WIFI Installation has become ever more important, both from a utility and a security point of view. We can design, supply, deliver, install and remote manage your wifi system, giving you the freedom of wireless access with none of the headaches!

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Extremely impressed with the business support service offered by Anglian Internet. I have recently set up my own business and needed urgent support in getting office 365 working on all my devices and transferring my existing email account etc. When I emailed late on Friday night asking for urgent support, I was not expecting it to be sorted by lunchtime on Saturday. Brilliant, friendly and efficient. By contrast to some local competitors, this service is extremely good. I will be using you again I am sure.

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