‘Wannacry’ virus highlights the need for good IT security….

On the 12th of May a new crypto-virus was discovered called ‘Wannacry’. This virus utilized a flaw in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and various server operating systems, and allowed an attacker to take control of the infected computer and network, and effectively hold the data to ransom. One of the worst hit organisations was the NHS, where the infection caused significant data loss and several days of disruption. The problems caused by this virus were completely avoidable through pro-active monitoring, efficient system maintenance and correctly implemented Internet Security.
It is a fact that, in modern business, data integrity and security is paramount. Outages and downtime impact businesses in significant ways, beyond that which can be quickly calculated. The effects can be crippling. Some 80 percent of data interruptions can close a business for a day or more. Additionally, 62 percent of midsize business employees report critical loss of data during outages. By other reports, 43 percent of businesses hit by major data interruption don’t reopen, and 73 percent are out of business within a year. With no clear data backup strategy in place massive data loss is a real concern.
It is also extremely important to ensure that the correct data is available to the right person when they need it, and that sensitive data (such as financial information or HR documents) is only available to users that need it.
At Anglian Internet we can provide a no obligation site survey, and can review your security and disaster recovery plans, and put together a tailor made solution for your business, offering you peace of mind that, if the worst were to happen, we could have your business back up and running with the minimum of fuss. And with the Pro-active 24/7 monitoring that comes with our support package, you can rest assured that issues are being solved before they become problems.

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