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iMac SSD Upgrades in Norwich, Norfolk

By Richard Lockett 16 Aug 2019

Most iMacs are used by design people in the workplace, Graphic design, Web Design, CAD, Photography or Video Editing. 

You may well be looking at your Imac now wishing i could upgrade the older style mechanical hard drive that is fitted in a lot of iMacs which are traditonally slow and can become unresponsive.

At Anglian Internet our workshop can help we've cloned the original drive and fitted several 1TB Samsung SSD's over the past few weeks.

Your iMac will seem like it has a new lease of life and will a pleasure to use while you whizz through Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you'd like to upgrade your iMac no matter how old we have done several 2009/2010 models as well as the later versions give us a call on 01603 400200 or email if you'd like a quote please mention the serial number of your Mac.

PS: We can do MacBooks as well!


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