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Are your employees wasting company time on Social Media?

By Richard Lockett 29 Jul 2019

Web Filtering in Norwich, Norfolk.

Are your employees wasting company time on Social Media, Gambling websites or Porn websites?

As a small to medium sized business you probably have no idea if your employees are using social media at work, and/or what they they are posting.

The latest survey suggests that over 2 hours per day is lost to social media, shopping websites and gambling websites.

Unless you are large corporate business actively blocking them from accessing these sites, it is a safe bet that they are using one or more of social media tools to communicate during business hours on your network. 

Some of the risks of social media in the workplace include:

  • Productivity loss
  • Confidential data loss
  • Liability from personal messages
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Discrimination

How can Anglian Internet help, we can provide a cloud based web filtering service to block gambling, porn and social media sites, but allow access to other websites. You might want to block Facebook for instance but not Linkedin this is all possible with AI WebShield.

AI WebShield also blocks compromised websites, malware, phishing, spyware and malicious websites.

AI WebShield customers include:

Businesses who want to protect their users and their network from dangerous or inappropriate websites.
Schools and Colleges who want to stop students and staff fromaccessing websites containing unsuitable content.
Public Wifi providers including Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Yacht Marinas who want to limit access to unsavoury content in public places and control bandwidth.
Want to find out more about AI Webshield the cost is only £2.50 per month per user or per Access Point.
Call 01603 400200 or email the business support team on 

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