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Have you been a victim of a telephone scam?

By Glen Minter 30 Nov 2018

Spammers and scammers are getting more and more sophisticated, one of the recent new tactics is calling you directly from call centers based around the world, pretending to be from Microsoft, BT, Talk Talk etc on the false premise that your PC is infected and they need to get logged in to ‘fix’ it.


They’re typical next steps are to get logged into your PC remotely. This is the point that their scam becomes extremely dangerous to yourself, as once they are on your PC, they can retrieve credit card information, install viruses, invisible bitcoin miners and anything else they feel like, while pretending to’fix’ your PC.


The final step is to try and extort money from you, by saying that they have ‘fixed an error’ on your PC. We have, unfortunately, heard from customers caught by this scam that they have been charged anywhere between £100 to £400 for this ‘service’.


While we me might not be able to get your money back for you (Best to speak to the bank), we can make sure your PC is cleaned of any remanents of their activity by performing what we call a ‘Healthcheck’.


This is our standard system service where we run a battery of antiviral scans to remove any viruses, trojans or malware that may be lurking on your PC. Our engineers then pick through the back-end of your PC using their years of experience to spot anything unusual and removing it. Finally we run several system maintenance tools to bring your PC up to speed, and remove the rubbish that accumulates over the years.


Bring your PC in for a healthcheck today if you’ve been scammed, you’re worried there may be a virus lurking in the background somewhere or your PC is just a bit sluggish recently, for only £55 we can give you back your peace of mind and a fast, clean PC.


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